Working With Doctors After You Are Injured

Medical reports are among the most important pieces of information needed to produce a favorable outcome in a personal injury case. Without a comprehensive account of the treatment you received and even medical records regarding pre-existing injuries, insurance companies may be able to shoot holes in your claim.

Your injuries may require you to seek treatment from one or more specialists. Once your emergency medical needs have been addressed, it is important to speak frankly with an experienced personal injury attorney regarding the medical attention you receive.

Do not speak with insurance company representatives or release medical records to an insurance company until you have spoken with a lawyer.

I Will Help You Get The Medical Treatment That Will Support Your Case

If you receive the wrong medical treatment or fail to provide enough information to medical professionals, your case may be damaged.

It is important to provide your treating physicians with complete information about your physical injuries, as well as any mood swings or other psychological setbacks you are experiencing. It is also important to continue treatment until your doctor releases you.

Ready To Go To Court Whenever Necessary

If you are injured in an accident in western North Carolina, proper medical records will go a long way toward helping you maximize the amount you recover in a personal injury lawsuit. I will guide you as you continue working with doctors after you are injured.

Thorough medical reports may help you resolve your case without the need to litigate, but I am always prepared to go to trial if a fair agreement cannot be reached. In those instances, full reports from your doctors are essential. Call or use the online contact form to schedule a free consultation. Remember, you only pay an attorney fee if I obtain a recovery for you.