Why You Need A Lawyer After You Are Injured

Insurance adjusters review a wide range of injury claims every day. They have a thorough knowledge of North Carolina personal injury laws, and they are skilled at minimizing the amount that is paid out for both injury and property loss claims.

I am attorney Christopher G. Lewis, and I know this because I have lived it. Before I began advocating for injured people in 2014, I represented insurance companies as an associate and a partner in a statewide insurance defense law firm. I know how important it is for injured parties to have equally knowledgeable and assertive legal counsel in their corner.

I understand the strategies insurance companies use to protect their own bottom line. I know how valid claims can be made to look excessive. And I know how to use these insights to resolve these disputes — oftentimes without the need to litigate — so that my clients recover the full amount they deserve.

Establishing Liability Is Only Half The Battle

Even if an insurance company accepts complete liability for your injury, you must still negotiate a fair settlement. To accomplish that, you will need to acquire medical records and police reports, speak with witnesses and negotiate with the adjuster.

Permanent injuries, scarring and the emotional pain and suffering that go with it add another layer of complexity to personal injury lawsuits. I will help ensure that you are fully compensated for injuries that you are forced to live with.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, you need to file a personal injury lawsuit. At that point, you may turn to a lawyer, unless you plan to take depositions, hire court reporters, pay for transcripts and tackle a number of other tasks that are part of the discovery process. The problem now may be that you made statements while negotiating with the insurance adjuster that hurt your case.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Once you select me to represent you, I will handle all communications with insurance company representatives, collect medical records and even help you receive the medical treatment you need if you are uninsured or underinsured.

The first step to resolving your personal injury claim is to enlist the services of a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer like me. Contact me to schedule a free consultation. I will answer your questions, provide a candid assessment of your case and recommend the best steps to take next. I represent clients throughout western North Carolina from my office in Asheville.